May at Mothercare

By |30th April, 2015|Day Wear|

Summer is approaching fast and Emilia is getting to an age where she wants to dress fashionably rather than cute and sweet. As a Mum I do like to see her looking like a pretty young girl. We recently visited Mothercare with a plan to buy a few items for Summer. Emilia has shot up recently [...]

Disney Tsum Tsumtastic

By |23rd April, 2015|Accessories, Video Blog|

As a teenager I was a collector of Beanie Babies. I loved buying the cute little plush toys and displaying them in my bedroom. I wish I had held on to them as now they are worth thousands of pounds. Around February time we popped into the Disney shop in Cardiff and noticed [...]

Girls just want to have Summer Fun

By |18th April, 2015|Day Wear|

Easter is over and the weather in the UK is rapidly getting hotter and hotter. I think it's safe to say that we are heading into the hazy days of Summer. Next Orange Vest & Floral Kimono (3-16yrs) I love everything about summer, however as a curvy mum I don't love finding summer [...]

Daisy and Jack Boutique

By |10th April, 2015|Occasion Wear|

In the town we live in, there are very few places to purchase children’s clothing. I would love to be able to shop at local children’s boutiques but sadly they don’t exist as there does not seem to be a market for it. There is a lovely town in the Vale called Cowbridge. This is [...]

Cool Characters T-Shirts

By |7th April, 2015|Day Wear|

Every girl loves characters. When I was little it was She-ra, Jem and The Holograms, Cheetara and anything Disney. Roll forward to the present and Emilia loves a wide range of characters from Elsa to My Little Pony and that perennial Japanese favourite Hello Kitty. Bambi T-Shirt On a recent trip to Next [...]

Clarks Heather Hued Shoes – Video

By |6th April, 2015|Shoes, Video Blog|

Ever since Emilia began to walk, we have always bought Clarks shoes. As a parent it is important to know that your children have excellent quality footwear. I always wore Clarks shoes as a child so it is a tradition I have carried on with. When Emilia was 18 months old she was diagnosed [...]

Costco – Not Just for Hot Dogs

By |5th April, 2015|Dresses|

Costco is my addiction in life. What other store can you buy everything from Hotdogs to a Jacuzzi! The café is so unbelievably amazing. Where else can you get a hot dog and Coke for £1.50! We tend to go to Costco at least once a week. We buy food in bulk for our family as their [...]

Stripes, Stripes and More Stripes

By |4th April, 2015|Day Wear|

When Emilia was a baby, I was obsessed by Mamas and Papas. From the moment we found out I was expecting we planned the nursery with the military precision of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The Gingerbread scheme was perfect. Girls Red Stripe Sweater Dress When Emilia grew too tall for their clothing I was a [...]

Disney Store Sojourn

By |3rd April, 2015|Dresses|

We simply cannot visit Cardiff without popping into the Disney store. Emilia has become really good at going in and out without nagging for items. Because she knows that when we treat her in there we usually get her something really nice. If I bought her something every time we would be living on value [...]

What’s New Pussycat?

By |2nd April, 2015|Day Wear|

My child is obsessed by cats...totally nuts about them. All except our cat Tommy who is totally replaceable by all accounts. Every day I ask.. Pray child of mine, what did you do in school today? Her response is always "playing baby cats". Last week she complained that a little boy told her that "baby [...]